Friday, May 24, 2013

Cleaning up the background

After a client makes their selection, is when I do the final edit to their images.
I remove blemishes from faces, brighten eyes, remove stray hairs...

and remove any background clutter that really has no business being in my photograph, as you can see in the examples below.

The power pole and lines are a distraction from the main subject, the for sale sign and mailbox unsightly white blotches, also drawing your eye to the wrong part of the image.

Once these are removed, the young girl and her shadow become the mail focal point of the photo.
The road becomes nice clutter free back country road with leading lines again bringing your eye back to our main focus.

Cleaning up your background both prior to taking a photo and/or in post production with Photoshop, is what will  help set your work apart from being "just another snapshot"

If you are wondering why I did not do this for all the images I take for a client, depending on the photograph it can be very time consuming, so would be a waste of my time to put that editing time into photographs that may not be selected.

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