Monday, March 24, 2014

March Photo Challenge: Something Green

This image is from a concept shoot I did earlier this month...We patiently waited for a perfect foggy morning to get just the right look, and both got up on a Saturday morning at 6am...It took a little while for my flock of sheep to accept the model and not want to keep coming to me each time I spoke...After all I am their shepherd and my voice to them means food lol.

I think our patience and getting up so early in the morning was totally worth the effort...I am so happy with how the final image turned out.

This months Photo Challenge: Something Green
Rock the Shot

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweet Baby Makenzie - 13 days old.

The ideal time to have newborn images taken is before baby is 2weeks old (before 10days is even better)...This way baby is still super sleepy and posable without to much fuss...If you want to book a newborn session in advance, just your due date is enough to get you a spot on the calendar.