Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Whale of a Cake Smashing Time

It is always fun to match the Cake Smash theme with that of the Birthday Party theme.

If you are interested in booking a cake smash for your little one, make sure you give me plenty of notice...If you would like to use the images as birthday invitations you need to plan ahead and book the smash about 3 or 4 weeks ahead of when you would like to be dropping those invites in the mail.

If you want to display prints from the cake smash at your party, again you need to make sure you plan ahead and you get those selections back in within just a day or 2 of receiving your gallery so print orders can be placed and have time to ship to you before the big day.

Happy Party Planning


Rachana Saurabh said...


Loved the cake smashing set. I saw your earlier post about valentine set-up, where you have used basic umbrella kit, did you used same kit for this session?
I just received my umbrella kit, and not happy with it.

I work at Mitti Designs, Do visitme there.

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Hi Rachana,
I upgraded to bright lights in my umbrella kit because it was just not enough with those that came with it...I do know for this Cake Smash I relocated to my living room that has a lot more natural light and besides the brighter continuous bulb I exchanged one to an off camera flash in the umbrella camera left 45degrees.
I have recently upgraded again to an Alien Bee 400 + 60inch Octobox, but have not had a chance to use it or even test it...I will be shooting with it tomorrow afternoon so will try and share the results.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.