Monday, January 4, 2016

Newborn Sessions by Our Country Home

 Firstly, I would like to say shooting newborns is not something "I DO" just because I was asked to do it. It is a photography style that I am passionate about. I LOVE capturing those precious moments at the beginning of your babies life. I want to create beautiful timeless images you will proudly display for years to come.

I have focused this past year (2015) on learning how to safely work with babies and my studio was designed with their needs in mind. In 2016 I intend to continue my training to allow me to continue to grow and improve in all aspects of newborn photography.

I have props, blankets, bucket fillers, hats, headbands, outfits and my favorite, lots of pretty baby wraps. So when you come for your session all you need to bring is a sleepy, well fed baby...I supply the rest...There is even a nice comfy armchair for you to take a nap while I work (just ask more than a few napping daddies how comfy that chair is lol)

Defining a "newborn session" from a photographers point of view.

0 to 3 weeks is "newborn" and this is because it is easier to manipulate and pose babies into those lovely little squishy poses we all love to see them photographed in...The older the baby gets the less "pliable" and so achieving some poses are not always a possibility. So though I will do "newborn" sessions up to 6weeks old, I really encourage you to get baby into the studio as early as you possibly can.

Why does it take so long for a session. (2 to 3 hrs)

Each baby is very different, some take longer to sooth and pose and some will simply refuse certain posing (baby is never forced into a pose) no matter how new they are...Like us, they like to be comfortable, so while I am soothing and posing them, I look for very subtle cues as to how they like it. Which way they prefer to cross their ankles or turn their head. I will sit and rock and love on those babies until they are happy and content, I will take my time to guide their little limbs into position, down to their toes and fingers.

As baby gets older they are more alert also making them much harder to settle and means we get thru less "looks" and poses during the session.

Safety First

I will never put your baby at risk and always have a second set of hands close by...Sometimes this is you, the parent. Or if you are unable (eg: recovering from a C-section or other heath reasons ) then I will bring in an assistant to help me on the day of your babies session.

Before I was a photographer I was a graphic designer, this means I have a high level of skills when it comes to creating a composite image of your baby. Many times when we see these lovely images online they are not what they seem...Babies hanging in hammocks above the water for instance. This shot is created using multiple images stitched together to create the illusion...When in fact baby never ever left the bean bag poser. Click here to see how the hammock shot happened

Capturing the sibling and newborns together is truly a precious moment. But can pose it's own set of problems. Often siblings (especially those still babies themselves) are not always as excited about the new family member in those first few weeks. My advice is you have someone bring in the siblings separately closer to the end of the session so we have already finished getting the baby photos done.

If siblings are not as "loving" as we would like, then perhaps consider scheduling a separate mini shoot in a couple of weeks to capture those sibling shots when everyone has had time to adjust to the changes in their world.

When to Book
The earlier you book the better, my calendar can fill up fast and I can only take a limited number of Newborns a month.

To take your booking I need your due date and a $50 deposit. I add your name to my calendar for that month. When baby arrives you contact me in the first day or so and we then setup the exact day and time you bring your new bundle of baby to my studio for their newborn session.

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