Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

I am joining Rebecca for Simple Things Sunday, again this week. Her idea is to encourage us to capture those little everyday moments with our camera..

I had taken my camera with me to church today (don't we all do that?? )

Anyway with both kiddies dressed in their Sunday best and just happen to be color co-ordinated, before I took the photos I had brought my camera to take, I managed to capture some cute ones of the "Besties" sitting on the bench after church today.
This one is my fave..

It was such a precious moment, I asked Will to whisper a secret to Sara *click*...She smiled and looked at him and said..."I love you too"


Truly the simplest things make us smile the most.

Blessings Kelsie


Kel said...

Oh my, that's precious. Good job taking your camera to church.. I'm pretty sure we don't all do that... but, we should!! :-)

rebecca said...

so sweet! your kiddos are darling. thanks for linking up this week. :)