Sunday, February 19, 2012

Soft Editing

While I patiently wait for my new Photoshop software to arrive (this week if I am lucky) I have been playing in Fireworks MX....Adjusting the output levels as well as the curve line to bring out that gorgeous milky skin my wee one was blessed with...I should mention I used the stamp tool to remove the cookie crumbs that were all over her face...My photography tip of the day...Grab a wash cloth and clean the toddlers face FIRST :)

Also getting to know the new lens has been fun...I love this close-up crop of my wee one and her cheeky grin...She is always such a willing model with the promise of some gummy bears at the end...Yup, that's right I REWARD her with candy.

1 comment:

momto8 said...

great reward!!! and look how worth it!!