Sunday, February 5, 2017

NEW!! USB Jump Drives

With the changing technology not everyone is equipped for CD's. And with rural internet not always download friendly for the user, we decided that Jump drives would be a great option for our business.
They are reusable, easier to carry without risk of scratching or getting snapped in half in your purse, and lets face it look AWESOME.

I wanted to be able to keep that personalized touch that our CD's had with the custom labels.
So this is the final product.

You get a 16GB swivel USB Jump drive and a clear key-chain with one of your photos on one side and our business card on the other. But the key chain is not just for the "pretty", it makes the jump drive a little larger and harder to loose, you can also attach it to your keys and always know where it is. And with my contact information on it, makes it easy for you to contact me to make your next appointment.

Next was working out how to offer these without raising the price of each session, which to me made no sense since the USB will be used over and over again, so I decided on the one time charge for your first "USB" with your next session and then you simply bring it with you each visit, so when your edited images are ready I can add them and either mail (shipping price does apply) it back to you or you can come pick it up just like you did for the CD's.

Where is the print release?
It is a convenient file on your Jump Drive that can be printed at the same time as your photographs.

For those of you that are existing customers and do not have a session coming up soon but would like to get all your old session transferred to a USB, we are offering this service for just the price of the USB until the end of FEB 2017.

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