Friday, December 26, 2014


I still have so many images from the shoot to work on but could not wait any longer to share. This idea was originally envisioned about 5yrs ago for my doll design business. With the shift to people 4yrs ago it was put on the back burner, BUT I still wanted the chance to visit this idea so adapted it to real life models and started shopping for dresses to re-imagine.

Had so much fun re-imagine these dresses, dying them and adding embellishments, and even restructuring parts of the original dress designs, cutting and tucking and sew. Then I got to work on hair and makeup with some fabulously talented ladies April and Amberly...We did not get to spend nearly enough instudio time with the models as I would have liked because by the time we got through with the location stuff it was getting late in the day.

It was true love...Moe Moe could not get enough of the gorgeous Kelby and followed her around...well like a little puppy lol. 

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