Friday, February 8, 2013

Studio is set for a Valentines Day shoot

I love building is one of the things that draws me to photography....To be able to create a fantasy room/location/decor and capture it forever with my camera.

Today I wanted to share with you how I like to do it.

Tomorrow I have a Valentines Day shoot for a 2yr old...I did not want to be to cliche in my approach but still capturing the essence of the theme...I try to always keep true to my own style...which means it has to be filled with things I personally love.

Are you feeling the LOVE theme of today's post yet?...You will *grin*

I love soft and vintage...I love cute and shabby...I love just small touches...I love girlie...I love sparkle...and I totally ADORE to use piece that have a history to me (or my clients)...This stool has been around for yrs in my husbands family and there is a photo of him seated on it as a 4yr old boy... *LOVE*

Set pull back details:
Backdrop is one of my fave king size bedsheets..A gorgeous soft beige damask pattern.
The base board was painted with a very subtle crackled finish.
The floor drop is "White Barnwood" from it is actually 60x50, but I have it tucked under at the is sitting up on a foldup table top I am using as a "stagelift"...I have some picnic table clips I use to hold my floor drops in place so they don't bunch up or slip around during a shoot.

More prop details:The stool I have mentioned already.
The hearts hanging on the "wall" are paper doily hearts threaded with 1/4 white ribbon.
The pink fan I found at the dollar store and just had to have it because anything pink, sparkly and just a buck is a MUST have for any girl.
The pink and red hearts on the tired plate stand are styrofoam...and of course sparkly.
and then everything is draped with gorgeous shiny pearl necklaces.
I also customized my white teapot and a matching teacup for this shoot but they are not show...You will have to come back and see the photos from the session to get a look at those.

Continuous lighting is in place...I did find the bulbs that came with my set are just a little dull so I have brighter ones on order...In the meantime I have my softshoe flash oncamera with a defuser to help fill in until they arrive. Behind the round defuser on the left is another light to give me light behind the subject as well.

I plan to shoot with my 35mm f2 lens...but will have my 18-55 on hand as well...You never know when working with a new 2yr old.

Hope you LOVED the little behind the scenes look thru my eyes.
Blessings Kelsie.

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